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Weekly Health Quiz: Fasting, Diabetes and Wheatgrass

1 Which of the following mimics the effects of bilirubin, which has been linked to improved weight control and a lower risk of diabetes? Spirulina Bilirubin might aid weight control by preventing the development of leptin resistance. Phycocyanobilin found in spirulina is rapidly reduced to phycocyanorubin, a close homolog of bilirubin, in mammalian cells, and… Read More »

Weekly Health Quiz: Milk, Bees and Pregnancy

1 Honey bee queens are raised exclusively on which of the following substances, responsible for the queen’s longevity and remarkable fertility? Royal jelly The larva selected to become queen is fed royal jelly exclusively, while the rest of the larva receive royal jelly along with pollen and honey. This exclusive royal jelly diet activates certain… Read More »