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Data still vulnerable for healthcare organizations, other entities

Bad actors continue to experience success in gaining unauthorized access to protected health data and other types of business information. In its most recent annual report on data breaches, spanning 86 nations, Verizon acknowledges that, “Seemingly, no matter what defensive measures security professionals put in place, attackers are able to circumvent them,” the company says.… Read More »

7 emerging trends that will boost IoT security As healthcare organizations connect more medical devices to networks, protecting their integrity is crucial.

Armis has identified two chip-level vulnerabilities, which it has named BLEEDINGBBIT, impacting access points and potentially other unmanaged devices. These are vulnerabilities related to use of Bluetooth Low Energy chips from Texas Instruments. The vulnerabilities affect Cisco, Aruba and Meraki access points, permitting hackers to attack networks undetected, introduce malware, move where they want in… Read More »