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Is Medicine Overrated? – Scientific American

For years I have ranted about the flaws of medicine, especially when it comes to mental illness and cancer. But my complaints are mild compared to those of Jacob Stegenga, a philosopher of science at the University of Cambridge. In Medical Nihilism, published by Oxford University Press, Stegenga presents a devastating critique of medicine. Most treatments, he argues, do… Read More »

How I share my creativity with others in medicine

The creative platform Lyrical Mezzanine (@LyricalMezz) aims to nurture resilience or resiliency in clinicians, caregivers, patients, chaplains, family members, friends, scientists, teachers, and others — and to combat burnout simultaneously. I created the platform out of a need to profoundly process responses to experiences in medicine and science and to share the essence of those… Read More »

Gene-silencing: ‘New class’ of medicine reverses disease porphyria

Doctors have used a new type of medicine called “gene silencing” to reverse a disease that leaves people in crippling pain. The condition, acute intermittent porphyria, also causes paralysis and is fatal in some cases. The novel approach fine-tunes the genetic instructions locked in our DNA. Doctors say they are “genuinely surprised” how successful it… Read More »