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Training 51,000 employees to learn Epic – lessons from the Plummer Project at Mayo Clinic

In October 2018, Mayo Clinic achieved a historic milestone with the final Epic implementation in Florida and Arizona. The epic (pun intended) implementation of Epic across the Mayo Clinic’s network of 90 hospitals and clinics began in July 2017 when 24 of its sites in Wisconsin went live. Subsequently, campuses in Minnesota went live in… Read More »

Lessons learned about children from war zones and refugee camps

(Reuters Health) – What do children really need? The answers may be found in war zones and refugee camps, a psychiatrist and relief worker suggests. South Sudanese refugee children walk to school within Kalobeyei Settlement outside the Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana county, northwest of Nairobi, Kenya February 1, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya Although being shelled… Read More »