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How to Create Your Own Strength Program

One of the ways you can maintain fitness is through strength training. There are numerous approaches you can use if you are into training for strength. The effort you put into training will, however, determine the results you get. Strength training comes with lots of benefits. Not only will you have a great physical appearance,… Read More »

Work vs Life: How To Create Balance

It isn’t always easy to juggle everything. We’re always conscious of spending more time with family, eating healthily and exercising, but with the average person working 40 hours a week, it can seem like an impossibility. So, how can you create a balance between work and life? Our working hours as a wellness copywriter are… Read More »

New York girl, 12, has ankle reattached backward to create new knee after bone cancer diagnosis

Delaney Unger, who is now cancer-free for over a year, attaches a prosthesis to her ankle, which now acts as her knee joint for maximum flexibility.  (Fox 5 NY. ) A 12-year-old who was diagnosed with bone cancer two years ago has been able keep up with her love of dancing after doctors created a… Read More »