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Trump admin opens door to fundamental changes in healthcare benefits

The Trump administration has opened the door to altering how healthcare benefits are provided to millions of American employees. A new rule, set to go into effect next year, will allow employers to provide workers with funds to shop for coverage on their own, an option that could dramatically upend employer-sponsored coverage.  Instead of working with… Read More »

Starting digital transformation? Focus on the cultural changes

With the implementation of electronic health records and other healthcare information systems, there has been explosive growth in the amount of data captured by provider organizations. Just as these provider organizations must prudently manage their talent pools, financial resources and medical assets to fully extract value from data, the organizations must manage data as a… Read More »

CMS proposes changes to streamline managed Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has proposed  regulatory revisions to Medicaid managed care to streamline the program, relieve regulatory burden, support state flexibility and promote transparency, flexibility, and innovation. The proposed changes address stakeholder concerns from a 2016 final rule. CMS is accepting comment for 60 days. One issue the agency is not… Read More »