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Alcohol, Drugs, and Supplements

What you put into your body matters. Our bodies are designed to take in things that fuel our energy levels and our physical and emotional health. Putting the right things into them can make us both happier and healthier. All of this is wonderful, but knowing what to ingest and when can be more difficult… Read More »

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Too Much Alcohol?

Some people believe that an occasional glass of red wine can benefit your health. Regardless of the merits of this view, too much red wine is unhealthy. Alcohol can impair decision-making abilities and motor skills. It is frequently a factor in vehicular accidents, violent behaviors, unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.1,2 Excessive alcohol consumption can… Read More »

The former party animal who is now 'allergic' to ALCOHOL: Mother, 42, quits drinking after reaction

The former party animal who is now ‘allergic’ to ALCOHOL: Mother, 42, cuts back on drinking after being left with burns and breathing problems from unusual reaction Cass Bowman, 42, would drink ten drinks a night, multiple times a week  Her skin would go red and blotchy all over her body and face after a drink… Read More »