Nutrition: The Missing Piece of the Corporate Wellness Puzzle – Forbes

Healthy snack at office workplace. Getty While many companies focus on physical activity in their corporate wellness program, they often don’t prioritize the other pieces of the wellness puzzle – nutrition. According to the Institute for Health Metrics, poor nutrition has nearly three times the impact on health as low fitness. While more than two-thirds of… Read More »

Luke P. Moves to Gaslight America After Failing to Gaslight Hannah B. During Bachelorette Fight

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Bachelorette. Much like Peter in that windmill fantasy suite…you might say we saw this coming. In a move that kept perfectly in line with his toxic behavior this season, The Bachelorette‘s Luke P. has apparently claimed he didn’t actually slut-shame Hannah B. during Monday night’s big fight, according… Read More »

‘It’s a great slogan, but it’s not workable:’ Health insurers pan Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders health fixes – USA TODAY

Ken Alltucker USA TODAY Published 9:12 PM EDT Jul 16, 2019 The top executive of the health insurance industry’s largest trade group said Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden’s plan to bolster the Affordable Care Act with a public insurance option is a dangerous approach to extend affordable health coverage to millions of Americans. America’s Health Insurance Plans CEO… Read More »